Saturday, September 22, 2012

Styles of the Gothic Subculture:Victorian Goth

There are Victorian era influences all over the Gothic subculture. from Lace gloves, bustle skirts and Parasols to Top hats. Yet no one can quite pull off the elegance quite like a Victorian goth


The Victorian era has had a strong influence on the Gothic subculture. Authors and poets such as Mary Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe line the shelves of many gothling homes. they also enjoy Tea parties and masquerade balls.Clothing tends to be historically accurate and lends itself well to other parts of the subculture.  Gothic Lolita, Neo-Victorian, and Steampunk are some examples of that. However the difference between those styles and Victorian Goth is indeed in it's historical accuracy.Corsets are worn under clothing. However some most Victorian Gothic ladies may wear top hats and sport canes or monocles, all of which are traditional worn by males of the Victorian era. Ladies clothing is generally made of heavy, layered clothing including bloomers, stockings, steel boned corsets, skirt, bustle, petticoat, blouse, veil, and parasol. Men typically wear frocks, ruffled shirts and waist coats. Although not everyone can walk around in those clothes can be hot and heavy so they do wear toned down versions. (bloomers are very comfy, I usually wear them around the house)

Footwear is often less clunky and more granny or "witchy" boots are seen.

Makeup is usually elegant yet dark. Hair is usually in elegant up-do's and men may have sideburns and or a mustache  although it's not often seen. Jewelry is often elegant chokers made of lace, cameos are often seen although they can be non-traditional motifs or skeleton girls, bats or other spooky images. Lockets are also seen.


Some Victorian goths try to emulate customs and manners of the Victorian era such as kissing of a ladies hand as a greeting or writing on stationary to send letters.
Music typically listened to is often classical music, Some Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, Lacrimosa and various other bands along with traditional Gothic music.
hope you've enjoyed it.

Bats and Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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