Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster High: Opinions

I know I Said the next post would be readers choice but I just had to post this.

Now everyone, at least in the states, has heard of the Monster High dolls. The sons and daughters of famous monsters in a special high school.

Not only are the dolls creeptastically cool, with Gothic emulating styles but the whole tagline for the dolls, books, cartoon shorts, etc. is "Freaky Just Got Fabulous"

Frankly I love that saying. I like how each of the dolls has it's own personality and style. Although the shorts can seem more "trendy" than "spooky" the Message is clear: Love yourself and your Freaky Flaws!

Each character is kind of interesting and although it is geared towards young girls there are worse things a girl of nine could be watching.

Each Character comes with a profile, which helps you get to know each character:

I Particularly like the newer characters that have recently been added:

And Yes Holt Hyde and Jackson Jekyll are the same person. Just thought I'd mention it. and we still have a few more characters.

Last one, you don't have to read them all if you don't want but when I'm critiquing I like to list everything.

I do have a few qualms with monster high however, sometimes I feel as if they do not play up on the fact they are monsters well. I expect more creepy sometimes but I can't be too picky. This would have been something I found interesting as a child. So as it is geared for kids it's okay.

However the "teen issues" that surface only confirm my fears that we are trying way to hard to make our kids grow up a little too fast. I honestly think that the shows that kids watch are getting more and more about high school and less about being a little kid.

Despite a few flaws, I find my favorite part of monster high is how heavily they participate in movements such as We Stop Hate and The Kind Campaign which support anti-bullying.

They even had a short where the Founders of both organizations become monsters.

So I really think that Monster High sends a good message. If I ever become a mother I hope these dolls and shorts are still around. despite some flaws I give Monster high 4 Stars!

And remember, Be unique, Be yourself, Be a Monster!

Bat's and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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