Sunday, May 19, 2013

Self acceptance

I was outside in the warm afternoon air and my thoughts began to wander, as they often do. I began to ponder how one truly finds self acceptance.

But how can you truly love yourself when others ridicule you for who you are. From a young age,we are told that if we want others to like us we must like ourselves. But sometimes it is hard for us to see our good qualities. It is often hard but I think it takes that one person to say "I like you for you." those simple honest words uttered by a peer.

Those simple words that open the heart and let a fresh light air in make all the difference.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've been walking to school

It takes me about an hour to walk to my community college from where I live. I usually bring my ipod and such but with my summer cold from which I've been suffering from it's driving me cray. I feel weak and what not..

I only I figure out the bus schedule...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Style of the subculture: Hippie Goth

Many of those in the subculture are pacifists, promoting peace and acceptance amongst man. Many are vegetarians or vegans, and many fight for animal rights, the environment and equality.

Some are interested in New Age or Pagan religions, which have a strong emphasis on caring for nature and often use the earth itself as a figure for worship (a Mother Earth/Mother Goddess sort of concept).

With this mindset so prominent in the subculture, it isn't all that odd that the Hippie goth style is a part of the subculture.

Traditional hippies (or the neo-hippies of the modern era) typically dressed in flared trousers and tie-dye, and had flowers painted on their faces, hippie Goths are darker and more Goth-inspired. Tie-dye, dip-dye and batik prints are still popular, usually in black with jewel-toned accents. Clothes are usually long and flowing; long skirts and flowy shirts being the norm.

Occult signs and symbols are popular choices for jewelery and or as a motif on clothing.

Hippie goth men usually have long hair and beards. dreads are common for both genders and women will often wear their hair long and natural, although hemp based dyes are preferred for a color change.

Makeup is often light and natural, a tad different compared to the dark makeup of other styles in the subculture. Eco friendly materials are a common choice for clothing and accessories.

Eco-Goth brand Dark Star by Jordash sums up the hippie Goth look nicely with its flowing dresses, tie-dye, crushed velvet and pentacle prints, all in predominately black and jewel tones. Nomads Clothing also produce the occasional Goth-friendly piece.

A hippie Goth may have a variety of New Age interests, such as Tarot, crystals, palmistry, astrology or aromatherapy. You can often find hippie Goths at Renaissance Faires, faerie fests or folk festivals. In the UK they probably have Glastonbury Festival on their social calendar as well as Whitby Gothic Weekend.

Musically, hippie Goths may enjoy dark folk music such as Sol Invictus, Goth rock with definite folky overtones such as Faith and the Muse; ethereal and dark ambient bands like Cocteau Twins, Desiderii Marginis, Nox Arcana and Life Toward Twilight; Pagan rock bands such as Inkubus Sukkubus, and of course 'traditional' folk bands, ambient and New Age music (some New Age bands, such as Enigma, are widely enjoyed by the Goth scene in general). They may also enjoy some of the psychedelia-inspired 80s Goth bands such as Tones on Tail.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Goth Do & Don'ts

Now I am no means an expert on all things Gothic. But I do know enough about the subculture to know what to avoid doing that would make all of us involved in the subculture look bad.

This is geared towards those new to the subculture.

With that, lets dive in.



1) Be nice and polite
   If you are polite and nice to people, this will often catch them off guard. Most of the Mundane (a fun term for People outside the subculture) think of goths as these moody and rude teenage delinquents or rude adults with depression. I cannot begin to tell you how many people even comment on my politeness. I have had several customer service employees tell me I'm the nicest person they've served all day. Sometimes people will be rude to you. I try to remember that it is easier to attract flies with Honey than with Vinegar. I always try to be polite and nice to everyone. It often just makes me feel good to improve someones day with my good attitude.

2) Be nice to kids
  Always be nice to small children, they are the future. If a child you purposely frightened goes crying back to their parents, then the parents will see us all as bad people and then not want their kids to be like that. This will only make it harder for kids later in life. The kids could also learn to dislike those who dress differently simply because of the way you treated them, making it harder for future darklings.

3) Be who you want to be.
You should always be yourself, even in the face of prejudice. Set an example for others. Hold your head high and remember to be kind to everyone, even when they are less than kind to you.

1) Boasting how "goth" you are
  This will just make you look silly. If being goth is all you base your life on, you'll never be happy. Don't go around saying how dark or "goth" you are because it will probably get you laughed at in any Gothic night club.

2) Pretend you have some mental illness Because your "Goth"
Pretty self explanatory.

3) Judge others for not being Goth
  Never judge someone just because they like something that may not be "goth".  Being in the subculture is about being who you want to be and liking what interests you.

That is all for now.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goth Hair FAQ

You will notice within the subculture that hair is an all to important part of the aesthetic.

It can be rather difficult to figure out what to do with your hair. I've been asked by a few people what "Gothic Hair" is.

here are a few basic questions I get.

Do I need to dye my hair black? : No, there is no ten commandments of the subculture that requires you to have raven colored locks. (Don't listen to ever youtube video or Ehow if they say that) My hair is dirty blonde-red color and I never plan on dying it black.

Do I have to dye it at all?: Again, that is your choice. My hair has been a variety of colors these past months.It's all about how you want to look. I plan on keeping my natural color for a while until I feel the need to change it.

Do Goth guys/girls need long hair?: if your a guy, you can choose whatever is a comfortable length for you.  Same goes for girls. It's all about if you like the way you look. There is no one waiting outside the club with a tape measure inspecting your hair length before they let you in.

Do I need to tease my hair : no, you have to tease your hair or have big hair to be involved with the culture. I personally don't like teasing my hair. It drives me crazy when I do. I have really dry hair, so getting hairspray out of my hair is a pain that usually involves an entire bottle of conditioner in the shower and two comb throughs of leave-in conditioner. Too much hassle for me.

Can I still look Goth with blond/afro/ bald?: Yes if that is what you like.

Hair is just as much a part of creativity and individuality as your clothes and makeup, so feel free to experiment with any style you choose. It's all about what makes you feel good and beautiful (Or handsome)

Much love,
Lady Zendra.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So I need some Inspiration.

I really could use some inspiration to get my goth boots pulled back on. Lately I've abandoned all but my simplest of all black wardrobes. I've had a hard time buying clothes to replace ones that get worn out so my usual all black wardrobe is slowly dwindling.

I'm hoping to get another job soon that may lift me back into my fashion state of mind but if anyone has any cool ideas for some nice summery outfits for goths let me know. I prefer casual easy to throw together things.

Some nice makeup tips would be nice too, seeing as I have recently just been simple with that as well. (wearing just a little eyeliner with mascara or no makeup at all)

If y'all have any websites you might want to suggest, leave a comment.

Please and Thank you,

Lady Zendra

I should really start blogging again.

I miss writing on blogger. I have been so concerned with school and everything that I get distracted.
I will try make it a part of routine to blog at least once a week now.
If I fail to do this. go to my Tumblr and yell at me over my ask me box.
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