Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays to all my followers and readers!

Merry Christmas! 



Happy Yule!


Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Kwanzaa!


and Happy Holidays to all the delightful  people who follow my humble blog.


I love you all!!!!!!!  


Bats and Kisses

Lady Zendra 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Skin paling techniques.

Most of the people I've met so far in the subculture love to keep their skin pale.

It tends to be a personal aesthetic that by no mean has to be done in order to fully enjoy the subculture.

However if you are trying to pale your skin. here are some helpful tips I've learned both through research and trial and error.



Exfoliating your skin can help with becoming pale. by scrubbing away dead skin cells, you not only get soft skin but let a new layer of skin grown in, which will naturally be a little paler than the previous layer you scrub away.

I only recommend exfoliating  3 times a week maximum. exfoliating can also dry out your skin if done too often.

you can use regular soap and add sugar or sand to it but these are some products I choose to purchase that work really well.

Softsoap Coconut scrub
Freeman's Pink grapefruit facial scrub

both work really well but I advise using moisturizer afterwards for both to avoid drying out skin.

Lemon Juice baths:

Mix two cups of Lemon juice in with your bath and soak for a while. it will help lighten skin over time.

I honestly just use Great Value brand from walmart. it's cheap and does the job.


Use Sunscreen daily to keep your skin protected from the harmful yellow hurty-thing we know as the sun.

I have several sunscreens in my possession. I live in Florida so I find a little extra protection to be necessary.

I have a 90 SPF for outings that require me to be in constant sun exposure for hours. I have a 50 for day to day use for errands and several tubes of SPF 30 that are small enough to fit in my purse in case I forget and aren't planning on being outside for more than 5-15 minutes.

I prefer the Banana boat brand. I use sport performance because it is non-greasy and dries
quickly. it will also protect from UVA/UVB rays.


These are the ones I use but feel free to experiment.

I also suggest wearing sunscreen indoors at first if it has a lot of natural light exposure from windows and such.


Health care:

When you have pale skin and wish to maintain it. you do have to do a few things to take care of your body when doing so.

Vitamin D: Take Vitamin D supplements. The Sun gives us Vitamin D and when you choose to try and pale your skin, you can develop a deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for the growth and development of bones. Since it is required for the proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Take 1,000 IU of vitamin D (in the cholecalciferol form) daily from a dietary supplement to make certain you are getting enough vitamin D for optimal health.

Hope I have given some good information and feel free to comment.

Bats and Kisses, 
Lady Zendra.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thoughts on the shooting in conneticut

 I cried for hours when I heard of the shootings.

For those of you have not heard of this tragedy here is what I know.

Dressed in black fatigues and a military vest, an armed man walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut Friday and opened fire, shattering the quiet of this southern New England town and leaving the nation reeling at the number of young lives lost.

 26 people are now dead  -- 20 of them children. Among the six adults killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school's beloved principal, and school psychologist Mary Sherlach.
The shooter, identified by three law enforcement officials as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also was killed, apparently by his own hand. Separately, his mother's body was found at a Newtown residence.

I can only sit here and wonder. How is someone capable of such an act? How can another human being take the life of another? a child no less.

Children were killed. ages 5-10.

My little brother is 10 and All I want to do is call him and tell him I love him. 

I cried last night. I cried for the parents who will spend Christmas without hearing the voice of their little girl or boys saying Santa has come.

I cried for all the Children who lived, but have had their innocence torn from their souls.

I cried for the teachers, the principal and the Psychologist who's own families would never again here them speak or laugh.

This tragedy has shaken my country to it's very core. and all I want to do is sit here and cry.

Hug the ones you love. hold them close and be grateful you have them by you tonight.

Bats and Kisses and lots of love, 

Lady Zendra

"Heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds."~ Psalm 147

President Obama, Crying as he makes a speech to the country

So Tired...

Just and update. I'm tired, I work all weekend and Andrew is off doing a church retreat.

I still haven't gotten my paycheck. direct deposit decided not to work for me.

my phone is out of minutes and I don't have money to buy more

my depression is rearing it's ugly head again.

I feel like crap and I have not posted for a while so I figured I could give you an update.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me.

Love you all.

Lady Zendra

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping day haul

so yesterday I went Christmas shopping and picked up a few things for the holidays. Since sales are abundant this time of year. So I have done quite a bit of gift shopping as well as picked up a few little things for myself.

so with that we dive in.

Calamari, YAY!
So When we went to the mall, I managed to drag him into the Forever 21.

So I got a pretty lace dress for Christmas. It's a nice dark red.

I also got a studded headband that I haven't stopped wearing since I got it!

I also picked up some new nail polish and clear coat.

I have also been dying to try out liquid eyeshadow. it surpassed my expectations. the brand is called Hard Candy and I found it at wal-mart.

And Andrew took me to Build-A-Bear and bought me this bear. his name is Kamba. I absolutely love his hoodie! He is the Champ bear so one dollar from our purchase was given to an organization for sick children. ^_^

Isn't he cute!

And he fits in with all my animals! You can see my turtle, Raphael, my skeleton, Voltaire, My Teddy Scares named Emo bear, my Panda, My otter named Ollie, My witch bear named Yensid, My Chinese panda, Teng Shen, Kermit, Kamba and Pinkie Pie!

And this is my big box of gifts, I'm hiding them in my closet to avoid prying eyes.

This was my outfit for that day.

Fluttershy shirt: hot topic 25$
Lace Shirt: Madam Butterfly 10$
Cameo: Friend trade

Makeup for the day as well. :) and I apologize for a few makeup-less me pictures.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra.

Me and Andrew :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Styles of the Gothic Subculture: SlutGoth/Femme Fatale

Now Femme Fatale goth is a feminine sort of style. It is similar to Fetish Goth in many ways, with a love close fitting clothing. The name is given due to the rather...Skimpy garb these types of goths are seen wearing.

One of the of the differences between femme fatale and fetish Goth is the choice of fabrics; a slut goth is more likely to wear a ripped or frayed  miniskirt with a low-cut cotton bustier than something in PVC corsets or tops. Most Slut goths tend to leave the PVC to footwear if they do decide to wear it.

Most clothing is ripped, short and revealing as most of these goths try to appear sexy. They wear their hair long and messy (Sex-hair if you will)Popular accessories include PVC heels, fishnets (possibly shredded), studded or chain belts and band hoodies. Animal prints are common as are tight-fitting band tees, and tight ripped jeans with teeny-tiny tank tops
Stripy Tights and Dark delights
Makeup is usually a smoky eye with red or maroon Lipstick. sometimes fancy eyeliner is seen but it varies from person to person.

Although this tends to a female type of dress, men get in on it too. Guys might wear tight leather pants, mesh shirts, T-shirts with provocative slogans,and  ripped skinny jeans which give off a slightly trashy vibe.

Vampire Freaks
  Femme fatale's tend to be interested in rock and metal as well as the heavier side of Goth.  Goth and Industrial bands  include Combichrist, Bella Morte, Deathcamp Project, Devilish Presley, Fields of the Nephilim, Gothminister, KMFDM, and Goth/Industrial/metal hybrid bands like Lahannya and I:Scintilla. Outside of the Goth music, bands like Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Spit Like This, Rob Zombie, Al.B.Damned, Bullet For My Valentine, Deathstars, Aiden and Avenged Sevenfold are often enjoyed.


Hope you all enjoy my first real informative post in forever.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

Monday, December 3, 2012

Update and apology

Sorry that I haven't been updating as often. I'm trying to read through a pile of 15 classic novels as well as work, shop for Christmas, Learn to drive, sign up for classes, and numerous other things you all probably don't care about. :)

However, I do have some plans to do more styles of Goth today and hopefully do some Videos for YouTube. I can't wait to get it up and hopefully I won't disappoint all of my faithful followers.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra.

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