Sunday, January 6, 2013

Geek Goths (a.k.a Nerd Goth)

All Goth have their moments of geeky-ness. We freak out over our favorite shows, book authors and many more.

So it came to no surprise to me that there is a subset of goth that was all about being a geek and being a goth.

Geek Goths have refined their geekery into an art form.


 They may not place as much of an emphasis on fashion as other Goth subsets. they can mainly be seen wearing a pair of black jeans and a black T-shirt featuring band logo's,  a dragon or flaming skull, or a witty slogan or Internet meme reference.  Three Wolf Moon are the general uniform for geeky Goth guys, probably paired with long hair, a Celtic pendant and some basic black boots.

Geek Goth girls may dress in a similar fashion, a black skirt or jeans and sprinkle on a little eyeliner and extra bit of jewelery.

 Geek Goth's seems to be a fashion style created from the combination of Goth fashion and geek chic. they have some similarities with emo fashion such as argyle prints,bow ties, multicolored layered haircuts, faux glasses, baseball boots and accessories such as studded belts, Suspenders, rubber bracelets.


When not playing RPG's or MMORPG, most Geek Goths can be seen at Renaissance  festivals or Conventions of any sort.

Most Geek goths tend to pay lots of attention to how they look than is typically considered of geeks. however this isn't always the case but the dramatic Gothic flair is often seen. 

Music typically listened to by these goths are Voltaire, Un-invited Guest and other geek friendly bands such as Siouxie and the Banshee's, The Cure, the GothSicles and pretty much anything they find they like.

Thanks for all the love!

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra


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