Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goths in cartoons that I love

I have tons of  cartoon characters I love. But I didn't realize how many of those characters were considered Gothic until recently so I figured I'd pay tribute to my earliest influences.

Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz was one of my favorite cartoon character growing up. She was always so captivating to little me, she was into all the things I found cool. so she is the earliest example of goth I was ever exposed to.


Cassandra was a character in the cartoon series Hercules. she has the ability to see into the future, unfortunately she only sees the bad things and no one ever believes her. because of this, she lashes out and shuns others except for her two friends, Hercules and Icarus. i could relate to not being understood by my peers.

Ingrid Third

Ingrid Third from the show Filmore. I found her to be a very cool character because of her photographic memory and love of reading. she was an anime fan and extremely smart, placing at first in her class.


Creepie was by far the coolest girl from my childhood. she was raised by bugs and dated a boy raised by a giant spider. she was cool, aloof but not gloomy. she just had macabre interests, particularly in Entomology, the study of insects.

Sam Manson

Sam was opinionated, despite her overly controlling parents she still did what she wanted. she more used the goth label to rebel but she was sure of her tastes and herself. something all girls should be able to do.


In the show X-men Evolution, all the superhero mutants are in high school. Rogue has the ability to drain other memories, skill and powers with just skin to skin contact. meaning relationships are hard for her and so is getting close to other people. although more emo than goth at times, I found Rogue to be an inspiration for life because she made good friends despite being aloof.

Last but not least we have (cue drum roll) Raven from Teen Titans. She is by far the best and most recent example of my influences. I found an interest in the occult after watching Raven on screen. she was forced to hide emotions in order to keep her demon father from taking over her body so she is often reserved, quiet and can be found reading or meditating.

So I hoped you liked this post and I'd love to see if y'all have any influences from goth girls (or boys) in any cartoon. so make a post and let me know or comment below about them.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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