Sunday, September 16, 2012

I went to the ZOO!

So yesterday my wonderful boyfriend, Knowing how much I love animals., Took me to the Zoo!

I had so much fun and I have some pictures for Y'all!

The First exhibit we went to was the Free Flying Aviary, I love birds so I brought my sketch book so I could  sketch a few of them. that's the Kookaburra, after that I was singing the Kookaburra song all day.



Nene Goose

Bald Ibis

 These are just a few of the birds I thought were really cool, there were so many more!
There was a tall tower that let you look down on the birds watering hole. Look at them all. I later found out that the aviary is also a place were they house the injured non-predatory birds that can no longer return to the wild. I like how much time and effort they put into making the landscape as close to natural habitat as they can.

We also saw some eagles in the predatory bird exhibit. This poor eagle was shot and can no longer fly. when she was found, the Lowry park Zoo brought her in to rehabilitate her. isn't she a beautiful creature.

African Crowned Crane

Golden eagle
We also went to a Birds of Prey show, The Golden Eagle was by far the most impressive bird we saw.

Diamond Back Rattlesnake

My favorite reptile! the turtle!

Next we went to go see the manatees and on the way we saw the snakes and reptiles. there was also some fish and amphibians. I love all reptiles, my favorite being Turtles,  so this was particularly fun for me. Good thing Andrew loves them as much as I do.

Queen of the Kimodo
On our way through the Asian gardens, we found the Kimodo Dragon, Andrew's personal favorite reptile. so we found a perfect photo opportunity with the statue of the dragon. (the zoologists wouldn't let us take pictures of the dragon.)

Andrew and I decided to take a break and we sat down at a local bench. The Zoo does a Halloween thing every year called Zoo Boo. some of the decorations were up. you can see the spider web up in the far right corner of the top picture.

Before we hit the African exhibits we stopped by the Bats! these guys are called a fox faced bat. we got there just as they were starting to wake up. I loved them, they were so cute when they yawned.

After seeing the last African exhibit. the Zebras. we decided to leave. I had so much fun!

Thanks for reading,

Bats and Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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