Monday, June 25, 2012

Shit That annoys me: a rant

hello non-existent followers! today shall be a list of shit that annoys me! with that lets move forward

1) When even though your adult, your parents still insist that being a goth is "just a phase" or when they refer to your outfit of the day is "cosplay-esque" grrrrr

2) When your sister thinks that just because she doesn't like your style, she can sit and tell you you look ugly.

3) When your mother threatens to take your eyeliner because you forgot to do her laundry

4) When you spent 30 minutes perfecting your makeup and it rains buckets outside. -_-

5) when your sister steals your favorite shirt and didn't ask

6) Your mother freaks out about something you wear but you get compliments on it throughout the whole day...
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