Sunday, October 21, 2012

Styles of the Gothic Subculture: Babydoll Goth

Also known as 'School Girl Goth'. Baby doll goths look like creepy children. I don't know if this is what they go for but in my opinion it looks cool on those who can pull it off


This is a very female dominate style. Most girls and women incorporate School girl skirts, usually pleated and plaid ones. Blouses, striped tights and fishnets are common staples of clothing. I would recommend a toned down version of this look for students who have uniforms they have to wear. Some Lolita inspired clothing is often seen as well.


Accessories for this style include suspenders, lace or fishnet gloves, studded belts. sometimes the wearer likes to attach baby doll limbs, heads or other things to clothing or use as
necklaces. Lolita accessories are seen as well as more Punk accessories.

Shoes are typically chunky Mary-jane shoes, Demonia style boots and creepers.Much like Lolita.

Makeup is typically dark with some lighter colors. lipstick is often used and usually the makeup is used to add a creepy tone to the look. Hair is typically worn in pigtails and ringlets but dreads are fairly common as well.

Makeup can also be simple looks such as Jennifer Parkin's look (also known as Ayria)

  Music typically listened to among those of this style usually has a sweet sound but with a dark, twisted edge. Bands popular among baby doll Goths include but are not limited to: Switchblade Symphony, The Birthday Massacre, Hannah Fury, Alice in Video-land, Ayria, The Candy Spooky Theater, Emilie Autumn and The Divine Madness.

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