Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby bat hate?

I was pursuing YouTube comments. and for some reason I came across a lot of young Gothlings having hateful comments thrown at them. while I do realize that some Gothlings are simply not doing research this does not give us a right to hate them. as older goths who have clearly studied the sub culture for some amount of time and have had time to develop, shouldn't we be taking them under our wings instead of sneering at them?

I remember when I was first starting in the subculture. I was curious, liked the style and began to explore. I was particularly interested in one girl my age. her name was Amanda and I noticed  how she did not dress like the other "goths" at school. She never wore ripped jeans or Tripp brand pants. she was most often seen in all black outfits, wearing either boots or heels. she wore skirts and nice shirts, Victorian in style with a modern twist.

This fascinated me and I started to talk to her. we became friends and she taught all about what she knew about the subculture. She introduced me to bands such as Bauhaus and the Cure. she took me under her wing instead of assuming I was just some other random poser.

Color me Goth
The reason for so much hate from older goths is that because they do not know as much about the subculture. they tend to know nothing of the music that started the subculture or of proper fashion.  Many of them listen to heavy metal bands such as Marilyn Manson or Slipknot. Young Gothlings tend to wear lots of heavy makeup and go for more of a scary look rather than a beautiful dark look.

Many older goths fail to realize that this behavior is wrong and no one should treat anyone badly simply because they are "gother" than everyone else.

sorry for the semi rant. Pic-spam up next!

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra


  1. I know I'm like several months out of time but felt I had to comment as I'm going back through some of your posts, the 'hierarchy' of goth, baby-bat etc and other weird gothier than thou things... I have never got them, they seem to have generally never hit the northern areas of england and I feel all the happier for it. I aren't sure if it was a london thing or an american one but the elitist stylings and subsequent posts like yours on various blogs and youtube channels I follow always depresses me a little...
    I got into it via old school heavy metal, punk and older bands like siouxsie and the banshees, the mission and the cure as well as smashing pumpkins, tori amos (weird example I know) roleplaying games and the diy fashion style that went with alot of these scenes.
    when I first got out to rock/punk clubs over here there was a more non-conformist be yourself sort of atmosphere which unfortunately over the years became more like the mainstream in the sense that if you didn't conform to liking particular bands (or atleast saying you did) or wearing the 'right' clothes you were looked down on as 'fake' 'amatuer' or (lol) a 'poseur' (which amused me as half the people who acted like this later stopped bieng goth and moved onto being 'moshers')
    I have always just been a bit of a weirdo doing my own thing I guess... I wish more people of the more modern generations or who have your sensibilities felt less restricted or as though they had to apologise for not being uber goth. smile! have fun, listen to whatever music you like and have a good life. I generally only identify as goth as experience has shown to me that the type of people likely to be goths are most similar in interests and attitude to life as me.
    ranty rambly comment over. all the best, Jess =)

    1. I have never gotten them from people either. My parents were the only ones who ever bullied me about my interests. But I am always getting messages from other kids younger than me talking about the bullying they get from not just "normal" people but other goths. I hate bullying and when people think they are better than you because they happen to have been in a certain subculture longer and know more about it.


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