Monday, September 17, 2012

Styles of the Gothic subculture: Ethereal Goth

Yay! I consider myself an Ethereal goth so this article is exciting for me.

Ethereal goths are often quiet and introverted. They would rather be at home enjoying a spot of earl grey and reading the works of their favorite author or poet than hopping around to music at a club.

Ethereal Goths tend to be a softer, more elegant version of goth. they also are more toned down, so this makes a good first time look for young Gothlings that are first getting into the scene. This is also a nice style to wear around parents whom have a problem with most goth styles

Fashion usually consists of jewel tones and occasional lighter colors like pink and baby blue, long skirts and other flowy articles. accessories can usually be lace gloves, cameos and chokers. they occasionally wear corsets and medieval, romantic or Victorian inspired outfits.

Stripy Tights and Dark Delights
Makeup is usually light colors such as lilac or blue, with maybe some black eyeliner with cool designs. they may sometimes wear lipstick or lip gloss that matches or goes with the eye shadow they wear.

Glitter is My Crack

Hope this was informative. and please feel free to comment.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra
My new favorite outfit. :)


  1. I thought ethereal was more Ice Goth and Ghost Goth...with a little Romanti-Goth thrown in.

    Then again, we all give it our own spin, and I just get confused :'D



    1. This is just what I have learned. :) Everyone has an opinion. sorry if I confused you.


  2. Of and of the sub categories of Goth, I probably identify with Ethereal Goth the most. I love quiet time, being out in nature, burning incense, poetry, etc. :) Not to mention the ethereal music and flowing clothes. Ether goths tend to wear less make-up as a whole, but I'm a bit heavy handed with the eyeshadow and liner. haha

    1. For me it depends on what I'm doing. usually I at least have eye shadow and mascara on. and I love just being at home with a good book and a piping hot mug of tea. lol


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