Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Basics of a Goth Wardrobe

Now this is more of a post for baby bats that cannot afford the expensive goth labels and do not have the skills to do any of the major DIY-ing. these are really just a basic items I found to be cheap enough to find around thrift stores or the mall.

Plain long sleeved shirts: Have at least one black one, try for jewel tones such as dark red, purple and even some blues. these are relatively easy to DIY with safety pins and ribbons. use your imagination

Basic Black Jeans or pants: Have at least one pair of jeans of any style and at least one pair of cloth pants for special occasions. the jeans can be black or maybe jewel toned. Pants should be black.

Blouses: try to have blouses of black or jewel tones. some white blouses can actually add some vintage charm to a otherwise all black outfit.

Black Skirts: Having many black skirts of various lengths. this will add versatility to your wardrobe.

Black Boots: any length or style is fine, whatever is comfortable. here are some examples:

A coat: I have one hoodie for sick days and a short black trench coat. Most blazers are good as well. Military jackets can also add a little "oomf" to a wardrobe. dark colors such as black and jewel tones are perfect colors.

A interesting black shirt: band shirts are common but any shirt with a cool design is good.

I love superman, sorry

Tights of many colors: any interesting tights such as fishnet, lace or opaque tights can also make an outfit. make sure you also have tights for when it's cold out as well.


Hope this has helped some people. I will be doing another post soon regarding accessories.

Bats and Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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