Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Basic care for a Venus Flytrap.

I really haven't brought up my Venus flytrap, Audrey II. I've only had him for a few months so he is still a baby.  

Today I figured I'd give a small intro to Flytraps and some basic care tips. so with that lets dive in.

Basic Care

  1. When you first purchase a Flytrap you'll notice it's potted in Peat Moss and not normal soil. In the wild, Flytraps are grown naturally in poor, humid conditions. so NEVER use regular soil or fertilizer. You can simply use Peat moss or a mixture of either Perlite soil or silica sand to provide more aeration. 

    2.  Watering your flytrap is also important. If you live in a dry climate, you can keep your flytrap outside but keep it in something that will keep it humid. such as a glass fishbowl. keep the peat moss moist and make sure it's never dry.

   3. Make sure your plant has access to bugs it can eat or feed it yourself. give it a small fly and try to keep it  relativity tiny depending on the size of the plant.

for more tips there are some videos on Ehow that helped me greatly Here.

Bats and kisses, 

Lady Zendra


  1. I've always wanted a venus flytrap! :D

    1. They are some of the coolest plants. I love mine. I can't have a pet of my own so Audrey II is a good substitute. XD


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