Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gothic Accessories

As promised, here are some Gothic accessories I think every first time goth should have. This is supposed to be a guideline of sorts and by no means does it mean you can't wear what you want. these are just some things to get your style started.

Silver jewelry: Silver is a popular color due to it being considered more of a cooler color than gold. symbols popular among the subculture are Bats( my Personal favorite) skulls, cameos, coffins, crosses and pentagrams.

Arm-warmer and Gloves: not all goths like arm warmers, they tend to be worn by baby bats. but as an avid wearer of them, I firmly believe that if worn properly they can add texture to an outfit.

Bags and purses: if your of the female gender, it helps to have a place to put your black eyeliner and gloves in. a typical black one is practical. they tend to be easy enough to personalize. if you want to spend a little extra, you can go on the inter-webs and find some nice ones already decorated for you.

Belts: never underestimate a nice belt. use them to keep your pants up or to add shape to a dress and draw attention to a waistline.

Goggle or and eye-patch: both have become quite popular as of late in the subculture. an eye-patch can look great with a Victorian inspired outfit. goggles tend to look great with casual attire to add a little extra.

I plan on doing an accessories post for different sub genres of goth as well. so stay tuned.

Bats and Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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