Monday, July 9, 2012

Youtube Stars: LeahMouse

So, I decided to start a series of blogs called Youtube Stars. This will be segments showcasing various gothy type Youtuber's who's video's I enjoy. I hope to help these youtuber's get even more notice. so with that enjoy.

LeahMouse is one of the funniest Youtube stars I watch. Her satires, jokes and just overall happy attitude makes me squeal with joy whenever she uploads something new.
Apart from her satires and parodies, LeahMouse has truly helpful videos about the Gothic Subculture. I find many of her videos both helpful and informative as well as just fun to listen to.

her opinions are fun to listen to and I find most of her videos to have good points. Although I especially enjoy her more fun and upbeat videos, her more serious videos can be just as entertaining.
I also enjoy her Vlog channel that just has her escapades through everyday life.

So if you liked these videos feel free to look through her channel.

And her Vlog Channel
Vlog of LeahMouse

Hope you enjoy,

Bats And Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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