Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Princess Celestia....

Everypony has that one friend who they cannot be around very long. You like them but the people they hang out with or sometimes their personality's can be too much for you to handle.

I have a friend like that. She is extremely extroverted and hyper. I love her to death but she can sometimes overwhelm me with her often thoughtless behavior. A lot of my friends choose to ignore her because they think of her as annoying and don't like her behavior. they can be somewhat cruel to her.

But I've learned that everypony should be treated with kindness, even people we cannot always be around 24/7. I have fun with Alli when I do see her and I've learned to like her little quirky, hyper self. I choose to be honest with her when she asks me why I can't hang out because I either can't or don't want to. 

She understands her personality and understands how I can love her to death but not always handle her hyper personality.

diffrences do not always mean you need to shun or be unkind to somepony, you just need understanding.

Your faithful subject, 

StormFlicker. (AKA Lady Zendra)

P.S thought this would be fun. lol

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