Monday, July 9, 2012

The Parent Dilemma

Like every Goth-ling, I too face the parent dilemma. the constant chorus of

"Your not going out dressed like that!"

"You'd look so pretty if you didn't wear your makeup so dark."

"black on black, are you depressed?"

Goodness how I hate these comments and the many more I tend to get from family. Many of them just fail to understand.

sometimes all everyone needs is to understand that not everyone is going to like your style. I often fail to understand quite a few of my parent's worries. The one thing to remember though is that all your parents want is for you to be successful. sometimes they think they know better and sometimes that's true. but always try to keep an open mind.

So when talking to your parents about goth, I found it's better to compromise than to fight. 

  1. ask them if you keep your grades up, can you dress goth?
  2. If they're worried about tattoos or dyeing your hair, tell them you'll wait till your 18 and have a job so you can pay for it yourself.
  3. If they don't think your relatives will like it, just say how you'll tone down around them.
  4. if they don't like music they think is "goth", show them some goth music they may know like The Cure, Bauhaus, The Smiths, or Siouxie and the Banshees.
  5. Tell them you won't dress inappropriately. some parents worry their children may start to wear short skirts and fishnets. tell them you'll dress appropriately but in black. 
  6. Let them know you are not depressed, doing drugs or getting in trouble. explain that you feel comfortable in the Gothic aesthetic. 
  7. if they worry your makeup will be too extreme, try to say you're makeup will be simple around family and you won't over do it. 

I hope I've helped a little and I plan on making more posts like this with some actual advice but for now.



Lady Zendra.

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