Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daily outfit post.

I decided to post my outfit and make up for today. Because I can!

sorry my hair was still wet from a shower. but  i decided to be pretty lenient with makeup today. I bought that headband at a little boutique in town. I love my Kitty necklace my Boyfriend bought me at the Mummies of the World exhibit at MOSI.

Don't I look pretty. this is my plain black shirt and black lace skirt. I love the skirt and you can even see my "bat motel" sign that I hang by my bed.

sorry for the short post.

Bats and Kisses

Lady Zendra


  1. Ohmigod your sign, I want your sign! >.<

    You are lovely :-3

    1. Thank you so much Amy. Your quite lovely yourself. I wish i could tell you where to get the sign...I think my Nana got it at a craft store around Halloween if it helps. :)


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