Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Far So Great: Moving day preparations

Okay so my moving is going well. Today my boyfriend, Andrew, and I cleaned up his closet and room to make room for my things. :) it was so fun! 

First we cleared out his Manga and books and pushed all his clothes to the side. then we put up a hanging cubby for the closet, then we took off the doors of the cabinet where he keeps the T.V to make more room for me to get into my things in the closet.

Sorry it's blurry.
 After We made room in the closet, I had to hang up all my clothes. Not my favorite chore but still it had to be done. I made Andrew help.

I made a bit of a mess on his bed. You can barely see most of my things because of his black sheets, for someone who isn't involved with the Gothic subculture sometimes the things he likes makes me wonder. XD

Damien, my pride and Joy
My Laptop, Damien. He is busy playing my Pandora music, Playing "Hollow Hills" by Bauhaus. =) although Andrew kept trying to change it to his country stations. =P which I didn't mind but I was looking for more my things.

My boyfriend that I keep going on about. He said that around Halloween he'll take me to shop for some decorations for my shelves!!!! I'll definitely have to make a blog for that. =)

Sorry for the Picspam, but I am so excited to move. I'm already going to gothify his room with some curtains. he says he doesn't mind! some days I think he's just perfect.

Comment on any ideas for where I can get knick knacks for my shelves.

Bats and Kisses,
Lady Zendra

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