Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seasons of love: Musicals I love

Okay, I don't know about anybody else, but I love songs and music from musicals. I just find them appealing on so many levels. Most of the time I like to see the musical or at least the movie version of it before I start listening to the soundtrack but if I hear about it. I'll watch it. So here are some of my favorite musicals

  1. Little Shop Of Horrors
  2. Repo! The Genetic Opera
  3. Cats
  4. Rent
  5. Wicked
  6. Phantom Of the Opera
And my favorite songs from those musicals are:
  1. Somewhere That's Green ~ Little Shop Of Horrors
  2. Little Shop Of Horrors ~ Little Shop Of Horrors
  3. Zydrate Anatomy ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
  4. Infected ~  Repo! The Genetic Opera
  5. Things You See In A Graveyard ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
  6. Let The Monsters Rise ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
  7. Chromaggia ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
  8. Seventeen ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
  9. Seasons Of Love ~ Rent
  10. La Vie Boheme ~ Rent
  11. Rent ~ Rent
  12. Light My Candle ~ Rent
  13. La Vie Boheme B ~ Rent
  14. Defying Gravity ~ Wicked
  15. The Naming Of Cats ~ Cats
  16. Rum Tum Tugger ~ Cats
  17. Think Of Me ~ Phantom Of the Opera
  18. Phantom Of the Opera ~ Phantom Of the Opera
  19. Music of the Night ~ Phantom Of the Opera
 I know this is a bit random but one of my friends questioned if Musicals were Goth.

All I have to say is

Bats And Kisses

Lady Zendra

P.S Am I the only one who thinks Grave Robber Is HOT!

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