Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moving out soon

So at the end of this month I will hopefully be moving out of my parents house. I will be moving into my boyfriends house! I finally can get out of here.

now I decided to give some helpful hints for moving out. 

first thing to do is go through your clothes and bags and whatever else you can go through. You need to separate into three piles : Keep, Throw out, and donate. 

When you throw out things make sure it is completely unusable. garbage hidden in drawers, pieces of cloth, anything you don't want or can't donate.

when you want to donate articles of clothing or bags, make sure they're in good condition and can be worn. I like to donate clothes and books to the local goodwill and my bags often go to various family and friends. you can also recreate bags using parts from older bags. Stuffed animals can also be transformed into bags or purses

this is my favorite YouTube video on turning stuffed animals into bags. Kazlovesbats is amazing and I highly recommend you view her other videos as well. 

Now when you go to pack, everything will be condensed down and you will have only the things you absolutely want and need for your new place. I will list some decorating tips for a new place later on in another post. =) 

have a spooky day darklings, 

Bats and Kisses, 
Lady Zendra

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