Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shopping Haul: Saturday and Sunday

I did a little shopping today and I decided to post what I've gotten. October has to be the best time for me to do all my shopping for really cool stuff.

Makeup of the day. some dark blue with black eyeliner.

Just tried to keep it simple with some red lip gloss. Lipstick is a little too heavy for my tastes so I usually tend to save it for special occasions.

So the first stop was the mall and the Halloween stores to look at decorations for ideas for our theme. then we stopped at Hot topic and I got a few things.

The Two ponies I got in the hidden pony packs.

Andrew Bought this for me.

We also played around with the masquerade masks and I thought it was so fun. I might get one for Halloween.

 Aren't I pretty looking! We soon left after that so we could get home to help Andrew's mom. so that concluded Saturday's shopping experience.

Then today, Andrew's mother, Terri and I went out to have a girl's day out. I love Terri, she's warm and very accepting of me and my darker tastes. we went off to Pier 1 Imports and I got a very cute Hand Sanitizer that smells like Candy corn!

So cute. Then we headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and a lot of their Halloween stuff was on sale! I got a couple of things.

I have been looking for a nice pair of Purple striped tights for AGES!!!! I can't wait to wear these! it will be very exciting for me.

I'm actually wearing these socks right now and Terri got a matching pair for Halloween and I am so happy about that.

We then went to Ross for some clothes shopping. I had to get some work pants so I got a couple pairs of black pants.

We then went to the Publix and I decided to stock up on tea and some other things.

And I found some Count Chocula cereal! I haven't eaten that since I was nine and I can't wait to enjoy it!

So I hope you all enjoy my ramblings and I will be posting Goth Confessions soon since they seem to have won the Poll!

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra


  1. I love Jo-anne's during Halloween. You've just reminded me that I need to go, so thanks! :D


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