Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pic Spam!!!!

So a friend of Terri ( Andrew, My Boyfriend's mom) had a friend who needed help setting up her ipod. So being ipod savvy, I managed to set it up and what not.

She was very pleased and yesterday Terri brought me home a bag of goodies that her friend had made for me to say thank you.

inside was a ton of Halloween things!

Bat Tinsel

I love it and after some coaxing, I managed to get Andrew to help me hang them up!

Plastic Glitter Spiders

She also gave me two packs of glittery spiders! one pack had silver, they other black. I hung them all around the top of the window and on our ceiling fan.

Are they not adorable!

 She also gave me a little scarecrow, he has a little raven on his shoulder. he has taken up permanent residence on my bat sign with another little silver spider.

And here are some other little things around my room.

My red and black mask. I like to wear it around the mall at times. Rapheal is rocking it at the time.

My witchy teddy that Andrew got me. He hasn't got a name yet but I will have one soon.

My MLP mystery figure pack figures. with my home made goth doll Shiloh in the background.

So thats just a bit of a picspam. and also at work we make a halloween arrangement with ghosts and cats and bats. well.....

we made a black ghost.

Edible Arrangements is now and forever officially integrated!

Thanks everyone, that will be all.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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