Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Styles of Goth Fashion: Ice Goth

While Ice goth (sometimes known as Negative Goth) is more of a play on Gothic fashion than an sub-style but it can still be just as captivating as your typical goth fashions.

Ice Goths typically utilize white instead of black in thier clothing or aesthetic choices. White is often used as an accent in more traditional Goth styles, providing an accent to black clothing and make-up. For example, Black and white stripes are much loved by many in the scene. Ice Goth alters this look, whether it be white on white with white accessories, or a white outfit with black, silver or pastel coloured accents (white, pink and baby blue), it plays with the visual aspect of Goth to create something new.

Back in the 80s and 90s, some young Goth women wore antique wedding dresses with their heavy boots, big hair, dramatic make-up and leather jackets; white, flowing gowns have always been popular for a 'Bride of Dracula' effect, especially following the release of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Lolita fashions have long since used white as a predominant colour, as white creates a delicate, innocent effect. White can be ethereal and fairylike, innocent, regal, sexy or a bit creepy - perfect connotations for the fashion-conscious Gothling who fancies a change.

an all White wardrobe is not always practical when dressing everyday for obvious reasons so it is not wise to use it all the time but for special occasions. it is often seen amongst the black clad masses at concerts and gothy gatherings.

Makeup is often lighter, white eyeshadow is common as well as other pastels. White lipstick is often worn with black lip liner. These lighter colours are hard to distinguish on the usual pale goths but the Ice goth makeup and dress would look fangtastic on Goths of Colour. (in my humble opinion) white and platinum blonde hair looks great with this look as well and can even provide a contrast to normal all black outfits as well.

If wearing all white is just not your cup of tea, try adding little accents of white with your black. Good ideas include white chokers, stockings, cardigans, lace, boots, parasols, bags, Etc. Even white contact lenses could provide a stark contrast against black clothes.

While there are no particular bands associated with ice Goth fashion, but here is a short list of bands and musicians who have been known to present themselves in white or ice Goth-styled clothing. as most know Emilie Autumn whose stage outfits usually combine black, red, pink and/or sepia tones on a predominantly white background, is a good representation of Ice Goth.  Noisuf-X wear utilitarian white shirts on stage, and at the opposite end of the spectrum are RazorBladeKisses' Lolita-inspired outfits - not to mention Dave Vanian of The Damned in that white outfit on Top of the Pops, circa 1985.

Bats and Kisses, 

Lady Z 

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