Thursday, January 16, 2014

A litte about me post for new viewers

I think it might be a good idea to do a little about me for any new viewers that don't really know much about me. I have changed a little in the recent year so I thought it could be fun.

Without further ado, lets get started!


Name: I prefer to be called Zendra to the internet world

Eye Colour: light brown

Hair: Blondish-brown

Favorite Band(s): Joy Division, Specimen, Shinedown, Halestorm, Egypt Central, The Cure, Dead Can Dance, The Birthday Massacre and Blackmore's Night.

Favorite Colour(s): Red,Blue,Black, and Purple

Least Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favorite Song: Currently, Let it Go from Frozen performed by Idina Menzel

Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, singing, reading and walking

Favourite Food: Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. They taste better than they sound, trust me!

Favourite Drink: Oolong tea made by Twinings

Favourite Movie Type: Animation, anything with superheros and comedy

Favourite movie(s): Bride wars, Mean Girls, Rise of the Guardians, Frozen and Lilo and Stitch

Favourite Book(s): Little Women, the Harry Potter series, The girl in the steel corset and The home Veterinary care guide.

Least Favourite Food: Spinach

Least favourite movie type: Horror (except older horror) 

Least Favourite music genre: Most Dubstep

My childhood Icons (Shown through pictures and Gifs)

Lydia Deetz

The Hex Girls

Mystery Inc. gang
(Scooby and shaggy led to me discovering my favorite foods)


My Fashion Icons

Allison Eckfeldt
Sebastian Columbine
Morticia Addams
Stevie Nicks
Johnny Slut
Emilie Autumn
Nancy Spungen

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little.

I can't wait to post some more, enjoy your days or nights!

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Z

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