Monday, November 12, 2012

Styles of the GothicSubculture: Romantic Goth

Romantic goths are a subset of goth that usually leans toward the more emotional parts of goth. These goths tend to be intellectual and view darkness and beauty as one in the same.

These beautiful goths tend to enjoy spending time reading poetry, literature and many books on any of the subjects they find interesting. They are, in fact, Known for their love of dark poetry, literature and may often be seen picnicking in the cemetery with a battered Anne Rice novel in  hand.

Romantic Goths love extravagant, decadent clothes reminiscent of aristocrats from a long ago. Their garments are often made from beautiful fabrics such as velvet, silk, or lace. The overall appearance tends to be poised and elegant. They tend to lean toward Victorian style clothing but unlike Victorian Goths, Romantic goths are not always historically accurate

Strongly influenced by England's Romantic Period (18th and 19th century), which is reflected in the poetry of John Keats, Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Romantic Movement focused on the emotive experience, which is what Romantic goths tend to like about the subculture.

Romantic goths thrive in dark beauty and have a very high maintenance look, with cravats, bustles, corsets, boots, dark yet sensual makeup these goths have an eye for the  dramatic.accessories such as parasols, top hats, canes and lace eye-patches are often seen to complete a outfit. Elaborate beaded or lace chokers are often seen, and lace gloves are regarded as almost essential. This look can sometimes be paired with heavier looking boots for an ironic contrast, but Victorian granny boots, or lacy, ribbon adorned heeled boots from brands such as Demonia complete a romantic outfi.


 Romantic goth bands have an almost ethereal and brooding sound, for example Love Spirals Downwards, Faith and the Muse, The Sisters of Mercy and Love is Colder Than Death. Classical music such as Bach and Beethoven are also enjoyed.


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  1. Romantic goth is so pretty! I wish I could look like that every day :D


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