Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Topic: Why do Goths hate it?

Most of the time, Hot topic is associated with Mall goths or Babybats. It is the mecha for the uneducated Gothling. However sometimes when wandering in, I do find things I wish to add to my own wardrobe.

So why do Goths hate it?

I believe that because Hot Topic has seemed to 'Sell out" over the years, it makes it less appealing. it went from a haven for the alternative to Hipster headquarters.

I still visit the store from time to time but although i don't like hot topic's choice in music or trend-whoring ways. I understand how little business an all alternative store can get.

it's all just business, I'm sure.

What do you, My dear readers, Think?

Bats and Kisses.

Lady Zendra

1 comment:

  1. I often see nice things at Hot Topic. I bought a couple of items there after Halloween (sale!). I also got a Bauhaus shirt there. Each Hot Topic stocks different things depending on demographics. The one in my area carries a lot of skulls, studs, lace, etc. I just prefer thrift shopping since I'm on a budget, and I can find a lot of unique pieces that way.


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