Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pictures from work

So after stealing my boyfriend's phone, I managed to get a few pictures of some o my favorite things in the boutique where I work.

The makeup I wore and my favorite Cameo choker. I was actually wearing my cameo bracelet and cameo ring with the same design.

The dress I was wearing. I Actually bought this at Madam Butterfly. I like the White and black stripes, isn't it so pretty?  you can see my Brony button because I was hoping to meet some fellow Brony's on the job. No such luck.

More Cameo stuff. I have a collection of Cameos so I might get these after I get my paycheck. There is also a Purple pair and a grey pair.

I actually bought this today, it was so pretty that I couldn't resist. :) I plan on wearing it to the movies tomorrow.

I normally do not like Ed Hardy designs but I really wish I could get this purse. I love it to pieces.

I just thought this was so pretty, it's a black rhinestone bracelet with a floral designs. I squealed when I first saw it. My work will make more money from me working there. XD

This is actually part of my collection but I bought it at the store when I first discovered it.

This is a bracelet that matches the purple collection of cameo's. I really like how the purple goes with the white of the image.

I really like my new job and I plan on showing some pictures of my outfit tomorrow. I'll try and post more often but I hope you enjoy.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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