Monday, August 20, 2012

Developing your own style

sorry about not updating lately. I've been very busy with work and getting ready for the next semester to start.

With all the different styles of the Gothic subculture, sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to express your own sense of style. Most people in the subculture do not want to "copy" others. most of us want to feel as if we can put our own spin on our clothing. I'm still trying to perfect my own style but I have a few guidelines for those developing a style of their own

Guideline #1: If you like it, Wear it
You can't be an individual by limiting what you were because it isn't black or "goth" enough. Do your own thing and have fun with it.  Have a nice worn pair of jeans that still fit. wear them with a nice Bauhaus shirt or pretty black lace top. I even dyed a pair of my old jeans before they got to be to small for my hips.

Guideline #2: Who cares what they think
 Care less about what others say and more on how good you feel about the way you dress. I think you truly discover who you are when you stop letting what others think bother you

Guideline #3: A time and place
I usually am pretty good at judging when to wear what. I have certain clothes and outfits for job interviews, family outings. Knowing when to wear a certain outfit can help you get on better with others without giving up your gothiness.

Guideline #4: Thrifting
Thrift stores usually have cheap things to buy. You can find so much for a great price that will look good. you can also find some nice items for DIY projects. I love to DIY but I find it hard to sew by hand. I'm hoping to get a sewing machine soon to make it easier to do the projects I want to do.

Guideline #5: experiment with make-up at home first
Make sure you try to experiment at home with your makeup. Get it perfect then wear it outside.

I hope I've given some good advice. feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have or problems you need help with.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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