Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Style of the subculture: Hippie Goth

Many of those in the subculture are pacifists, promoting peace and acceptance amongst man. Many are vegetarians or vegans, and many fight for animal rights, the environment and equality.

Some are interested in New Age or Pagan religions, which have a strong emphasis on caring for nature and often use the earth itself as a figure for worship (a Mother Earth/Mother Goddess sort of concept).

With this mindset so prominent in the subculture, it isn't all that odd that the Hippie goth style is a part of the subculture.

Traditional hippies (or the neo-hippies of the modern era) typically dressed in flared trousers and tie-dye, and had flowers painted on their faces, hippie Goths are darker and more Goth-inspired. Tie-dye, dip-dye and batik prints are still popular, usually in black with jewel-toned accents. Clothes are usually long and flowing; long skirts and flowy shirts being the norm.

Occult signs and symbols are popular choices for jewelery and or as a motif on clothing.

Hippie goth men usually have long hair and beards. dreads are common for both genders and women will often wear their hair long and natural, although hemp based dyes are preferred for a color change.

Makeup is often light and natural, a tad different compared to the dark makeup of other styles in the subculture. Eco friendly materials are a common choice for clothing and accessories.

Eco-Goth brand Dark Star by Jordash sums up the hippie Goth look nicely with its flowing dresses, tie-dye, crushed velvet and pentacle prints, all in predominately black and jewel tones. Nomads Clothing also produce the occasional Goth-friendly piece.

A hippie Goth may have a variety of New Age interests, such as Tarot, crystals, palmistry, astrology or aromatherapy. You can often find hippie Goths at Renaissance Faires, faerie fests or folk festivals. In the UK they probably have Glastonbury Festival on their social calendar as well as Whitby Gothic Weekend.

Musically, hippie Goths may enjoy dark folk music such as Sol Invictus, Goth rock with definite folky overtones such as Faith and the Muse; ethereal and dark ambient bands like Cocteau Twins, Desiderii Marginis, Nox Arcana and Life Toward Twilight; Pagan rock bands such as Inkubus Sukkubus, and of course 'traditional' folk bands, ambient and New Age music (some New Age bands, such as Enigma, are widely enjoyed by the Goth scene in general). They may also enjoy some of the psychedelia-inspired 80s Goth bands such as Tones on Tail.

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