Friday, May 3, 2013

Goth Do & Don'ts

Now I am no means an expert on all things Gothic. But I do know enough about the subculture to know what to avoid doing that would make all of us involved in the subculture look bad.

This is geared towards those new to the subculture.

With that, lets dive in.



1) Be nice and polite
   If you are polite and nice to people, this will often catch them off guard. Most of the Mundane (a fun term for People outside the subculture) think of goths as these moody and rude teenage delinquents or rude adults with depression. I cannot begin to tell you how many people even comment on my politeness. I have had several customer service employees tell me I'm the nicest person they've served all day. Sometimes people will be rude to you. I try to remember that it is easier to attract flies with Honey than with Vinegar. I always try to be polite and nice to everyone. It often just makes me feel good to improve someones day with my good attitude.

2) Be nice to kids
  Always be nice to small children, they are the future. If a child you purposely frightened goes crying back to their parents, then the parents will see us all as bad people and then not want their kids to be like that. This will only make it harder for kids later in life. The kids could also learn to dislike those who dress differently simply because of the way you treated them, making it harder for future darklings.

3) Be who you want to be.
You should always be yourself, even in the face of prejudice. Set an example for others. Hold your head high and remember to be kind to everyone, even when they are less than kind to you.

1) Boasting how "goth" you are
  This will just make you look silly. If being goth is all you base your life on, you'll never be happy. Don't go around saying how dark or "goth" you are because it will probably get you laughed at in any Gothic night club.

2) Pretend you have some mental illness Because your "Goth"
Pretty self explanatory.

3) Judge others for not being Goth
  Never judge someone just because they like something that may not be "goth".  Being in the subculture is about being who you want to be and liking what interests you.

That is all for now.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

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