Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goth Hair FAQ

You will notice within the subculture that hair is an all to important part of the aesthetic.

It can be rather difficult to figure out what to do with your hair. I've been asked by a few people what "Gothic Hair" is.

here are a few basic questions I get.

Do I need to dye my hair black? : No, there is no ten commandments of the subculture that requires you to have raven colored locks. (Don't listen to ever youtube video or Ehow if they say that) My hair is dirty blonde-red color and I never plan on dying it black.

Do I have to dye it at all?: Again, that is your choice. My hair has been a variety of colors these past months.It's all about how you want to look. I plan on keeping my natural color for a while until I feel the need to change it.

Do Goth guys/girls need long hair?: if your a guy, you can choose whatever is a comfortable length for you.  Same goes for girls. It's all about if you like the way you look. There is no one waiting outside the club with a tape measure inspecting your hair length before they let you in.

Do I need to tease my hair : no, you have to tease your hair or have big hair to be involved with the culture. I personally don't like teasing my hair. It drives me crazy when I do. I have really dry hair, so getting hairspray out of my hair is a pain that usually involves an entire bottle of conditioner in the shower and two comb throughs of leave-in conditioner. Too much hassle for me.

Can I still look Goth with blond/afro/ bald?: Yes if that is what you like.

Hair is just as much a part of creativity and individuality as your clothes and makeup, so feel free to experiment with any style you choose. It's all about what makes you feel good and beautiful (Or handsome)

Much love,
Lady Zendra.

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