Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So, after seeing many of these blogs on my dashboard this week. I finally decided to pick up my laptop and type out my New Year's resolutions.

1) Become a Vegetarian.

I have always had a very sensitive stomach. I tend to be particularly sensitive to certain types of meat such as ham, chicken, beef. so I decided to become a Pescatarian, a vegetarian who eats fish and shell fish but no other meat.

2) Stop Caring about others opinion of me.

Lately I have found I care a little too much about whether or not people will think I am "a Poser" or not. I decided to dress and wear what I want and not give a damn if it is goth or not, add my own little twist on things and if people say something just smile and keeep walking.

3) Exercise to feel good about myself

Instead of exercising  for a low weight I decided to exercise just to feel good and improve my mood

 4) Develop my empathy

I have recently discovered I am an Empath, a person who can sense other peoples emotions, So I want to take the necessary steps to learning to control my empathy and my own emotions better.

Hope you don't mind this,

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra


  1. That some great resolutions! I will also eat more vegetarian this year :) Do you know any good websites for recipes?

    1. is a good place to find some. I am going to try the sweet potato burrito when I find time to make it.


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