Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am so happy!

My birthday went pretty well. uneventful but that is fine with me, as I do not always enjoy others company.

I had cake and the boyfriend unit brought me home flowers, purple daisies.

I also got happy birthday greeting from my mom, dad and sister. I will be going over there today because I have a few W-2 forms to pick up for tax purposes.

I will also be wishing my youngest brother a happy birthday, he's turning 11 tomorrow.

We are seven years and a day apart, which may be why we are so close. 11 years of shared birthdays will do that to you.
And thank you all for the happy birthday wishes, I really need to start blogging again. Tumblr and Fan fiction have seemingly taken all my attention.

Also for any rise of the guardians fans, if you would like me to post my fan fiction on here or give you a link let me know.

as for those who have not seen it. I will be posting a review of the movie soon.

Just came up with that thought, seeing as it is my current fandom obsession.

Seriously how can you not love a movie with a 6 foot tall talking rabbit?

I love him so much.

so much D'awwwww

But how can you not love Sandman and his dream sand?

It's been inspiring my artwork lately

But all the girls who saw this movie saw it for him. ^_^

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra

P.S. Can you tell who my favorite is yet?

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