Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Ideas for the Darkly Inclined

Now, We all know summer is just around the corner. This means it's time for most to break out the board shorts and sunscreen and hit the waves.

But If your anything like me, Summer poses a problem for you. Your Closet is full of long black skirts, long sleeved tops, and jeans. the Sun tends to melt off your wonderfully applied spider webs that took you and hour to complete with your eyeliner.  what is a  Darkly inclined person to do!?

First calm down. There are a few things actually. I usually keep a summery wardrobe handy, that also displays the style I like. you just need some key items. lets start with these key items for the wardrobe.

*Assorted Tank tops in varying colors and patterns: These can be whatever color you want, and size.

*Assorted T-shirts in varying sizes and color

*Bloomers, jean shorts, or flowy knee length to short skirts

*a corset if possible

*A parasol that covers you: as most of the darkly inclined love to keep a ghostly pallor, this does wonders

*a pretty sundress, any length.

*Sunglasses in various styles.

*Hats of any kind, whatever tickles your fancy.

Now lets move on to Makeup products and other supplies for your face and skin

*Sunscreen! If looking to remain pale or are trying to pale your skin, try SPF 70 and over for best results

*Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

*Black eyeliner: I use it to outline where I want the Liquid liner to go. (Covergirl Liqui-Line blast is my personal fave)

*Foundation with SPF protection

*Powder Eyeshadow. (lasts longer than liquid in the heat.)

I Know sometimes it is hard to handle summer with a dark wardrobe. These basics can help you learn to design your own summer wardrobe that will work for you and your style whatever kind you have.

I hope I've helped someone today. Thank you.


Lady Zendra

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