Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Job!!!

Sorry, Non-existing followers, I have recently started a new job so my posts for the last few days have been lacking. but I swear I will catch up. Until thus I wish to make a post for darklings who have jobs with a required uniform for each day and cannot always dress to their hearts desires.
Makeup: If your job or career place allows. do something interesting with your makeup. a small cats eye style is usually excepted but try to experiment. but do try to keep it smaller when working for larger, more conservative places.

Nails: Getting your nails done is always good. try to use your first paycheck to splurge on some nail stickers and new polish. maybe even an acrylic or gel fill manicure if you bite like I do. Dark up you nails with bats, skulls or even cats.

Hair: unless your work place is strict on hair style and color, feel free to play with that. even if hair coloring is to be natural looking you can still put your hair up or down however you want.

Jewelry: if there is a limit on jewelery, necklaces or bracelets are usually permitted. however face piercings may pose a problem. try multiple piercing in the ear if this is allowed


Men usually have less freedom than woman to dress up for work. so here are some tips on how to dark it up at work.

Men can try to accessorize with necklaces and bracelets as well, maybe even try to wear that suit in all black. black can be a sharp color for the work place. Pinstripe and Victorian style clothes can also work depending. If your office requires scrubs or clothing similar, try Halloween  prints.


Remember, If it is absolutly impossible to dress in any way the way you want, you can always decorate your work space. try bat erasers for pencils or make skull pen toppers. create a feather pen and use that if you'd like. get cat shaped post it notes!

If you think creatively, you can find some fun ways to spice up your work day.

Hope I've helped someone!


Lady Zendra

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