Sunday, May 27, 2012

So for those who have found this.

For those who have found this humble little blog, Welcome.

My Name is Lady Zendra or at least that is what you will come to know me by. I suppose I must start off this blog thing with a bit about who I am and why I decided to make this blog.

I am currently residing in the state of Florida, where in this state shall be left to your imaginations. I am a 19 year old woman, Self proclaimed "Goth" or as I prefer to say "Darkly inclined" who loves writing, poetry, art, sketching, tea (any kind will do as long as it is not too weak) and animals. 

I love the Gothic subculture, So a number of these blogs may be Gothic subculture related. others may be drabbles and drones about various things.

so I hope you enjoy all of the future blogs I hope to post!!!!

Thank you so much for reading, 

Lady Zendra

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