Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping day haul

so yesterday I went Christmas shopping and picked up a few things for the holidays. Since sales are abundant this time of year. So I have done quite a bit of gift shopping as well as picked up a few little things for myself.

so with that we dive in.

Calamari, YAY!
So When we went to the mall, I managed to drag him into the Forever 21.

So I got a pretty lace dress for Christmas. It's a nice dark red.

I also got a studded headband that I haven't stopped wearing since I got it!

I also picked up some new nail polish and clear coat.

I have also been dying to try out liquid eyeshadow. it surpassed my expectations. the brand is called Hard Candy and I found it at wal-mart.

And Andrew took me to Build-A-Bear and bought me this bear. his name is Kamba. I absolutely love his hoodie! He is the Champ bear so one dollar from our purchase was given to an organization for sick children. ^_^

Isn't he cute!

And he fits in with all my animals! You can see my turtle, Raphael, my skeleton, Voltaire, My Teddy Scares named Emo bear, my Panda, My otter named Ollie, My witch bear named Yensid, My Chinese panda, Teng Shen, Kermit, Kamba and Pinkie Pie!

And this is my big box of gifts, I'm hiding them in my closet to avoid prying eyes.

This was my outfit for that day.

Fluttershy shirt: hot topic 25$
Lace Shirt: Madam Butterfly 10$
Cameo: Friend trade

Makeup for the day as well. :) and I apologize for a few makeup-less me pictures.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Bats and Kisses,

Lady Zendra.

Me and Andrew :)


  1. Along with your love for my little pony, never apologise for being makeup-less!!
    Be yourself and keep exploring new interests should they come along =)

    1. Thank you! You've made my day. :) Do you like MLP?


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